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  • Frosted walnuts on a plate


    Use walnuts in all kinds of sweet and savoury dishes to add a delicious, nutty flavour to cakes, breads, pestos, sauces, salads, chutneys and more.

  • Cashew curry with greens

    Cashew recipes

    Make a filling curry, a sweet vegan dessert or simple snack with our best ever cashew recipes. Add depth and nutty flavour to any sweet or savoury dish

  • Pot of chia pudding with fresh fruit

    Chia seed

    Chia seeds are a great source of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Soak them overnight to make a chia pudding breakfast, or serve them in porridge, pancakes, jams and more.

  • Wild mushroom and chestnut rotolo in an oval casserole dish


    Enjoy chestnuts in sweet and savoury dishes. They bring a caramelised nutty flavour to sprouts, Christmas puds, turkey stuffing, desserts and more.

  • Brazil nut banana bread with slices cut

    Brazil nut

    Try our top Brazil nut recipes to make a hearty burrito, rich fruit cake or loaf of delicious banana bread. Bake a sweet treat or make a savoury dinner with buttery Brazil nuts.

  • Chestnut, bacon & cranberry stuffing balls served in a bowl

    Chestnut stuffing

    Make your own chestnut stuffing as a side dish to accompany your Sunday lunch. Serve as stuffing balls, in a roll or packed under the skin of your roast.

  • Coconut marshmallows


    The sweet, creamy flesh of this tropical nut can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. Try coconut cream, milk and water too.

  • Chocolate cheesecake slices topped with chopped hazelnuts


    Use hazelnuts in a range of bakes. With chocolate they're heavenly, but they also add great taste and crunch to savoury recipes like salads and side dishes.

  • Nut roast recipes

    Nut roast

    Cook up an alternative Sunday lunch or vegetarian Christmas main with our best-rated nut roast recipes.

  • Little pistachio cakes with icing on stand

    Pistachio recipes

    Create delicious bakes and stunning savoury mains with our best pistachio recipes. Try mouth-watering cakes, impressive cheesecakes or filling traybakes

  • Pumpkin seeds in bowl

    Pumpkin seed

    Make the most of every bit of your pumpkin with our pumpkin seed recipes. Try sprinkling the seeds over a colourful salad, baking them into cookies or stirring them into a crunchy granola.

  • Colourful roast vegetables and pomegrantes with a drizzle of tahini yoghurt


    Jazz up your dishes with tahini paste. This nutty Middle Eastern condiment is delicious in salad dressings, dips, yoghurts, hummus and even chocolate cookies!

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